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kitephoto.co.uk is the on-line portfolio of high quality kitesport images taken at your local beach. All pictures are available to purchase in a variety of formats which include hi-resolution images delivered straight to your inbox, high quality gloss prints, photo gifts and CDs/DVDs.
the kiterazzi
pic The kiterazzi will be at your local beach taking pictures of everything kiting - buggiers, boarders, surfers, even their pets and spectators. Beginners through experts, the kiterazzi will be trying to capture everything ... that first run on the board, your best tricks or just cruising, we will be snapping. So if you see them just make sure that you are pulling your finest kiters face as you will probably end up here.
about us
Kitesports and in particular kitesurfing are notoriously difficult to photograph, even with high end equipment the fast pace of the sport and difficult lighting conditions can make it a nightmare. How many times have you pressganged partners and friends to stand at the waters edge snapping away only to come away from the session with disappointing results and a disgruntled and less than willing photographer. We have knowledge of the sport, quality kit and a wealth of photographic experience we are ideally placed to capture you.
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View the galleries, select the images you would like, the format you want them, any cropping required and we will do the rest.
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